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Girls Talk、レズ Wキャスト、夢の体験!レズ鑑賞、素人レズビアン3〜5

Girls Talk037 高校教師が女子生徒を愛するとき…
(Literal translation : Girls talk #037 - When high school teacher loves school girl...)

Girls Talk038 先輩が女子大生を愛するとき…
(Literal translation : Girls talk #038 - When her senior loves female college student...)

Girls Talk039 人妻が女子大生を愛するとき…
(Literal translation : Girls talk #039 - When married woman loves female college student...)

レズ Wキャスト4 成宮ルリ 原千草
(Literal translation : The lez double cast #4 Ruri Narumiya, Chigusa Hara)

(Literal translation : Girls are feeling comfortableness! Dream experience! Lez watching!)

素人レズビアン3 レズビアンカップル6組
(Literal translation : Amateur lesbians #3 - 6 couples of lesbians)

素人レズビアン4 レズビアンカップル5組
(Literal translation : Amateur lesbians #4 - 5 couples of lesbians)

素人レズビアン5 レズビアンカップル6組
(Literal translation : Amateur lesbians #5 - 6 couples of lesbians)

Lesbian Double Cast 4 -- Ruri Narumiya & Chigusa Hara
Lesbian Double Cast 4 -- Ruri Narumiya & Chigusa Hara

In another splendid double teaming event, SOD brings together AV actresses Ruri Narumiya & Chigusa Hara to satisfy your craving to see lesbian sex through their eyes, as they experience woman on woman loving. Documenting each and every step of their weekend adventure, the two of them film themselves as they playfully give each other a deep kisses and delve deeper and deeper into previously uncharted territory before. Five chapters, show you their girlish banter, giggling with joy as they reach into each other's clothes to caress each other's breasts and pussies for the first time. Street clothing and lingerie, shiofuki (whale spouting), finger banging, and pussy grinding also add to the charge of this bishoujo lesbian event. Absolutely no men to be seen in this production. 160 mins.
(直訳:レズビアン Wキャスト4 成宮ルリと原千草

「Girls Talk、レズ Wキャスト、夢の体験!レズ鑑賞、素人レズビアン3〜5」を読んだ人はこんな記事も読んでいます
12/30---日本人レズビアン Japanese Lesbians #384 (2012/12/30)
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1/8---日本人レズビアン Japanese Lesbians #153 (2010/01/08)
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