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2/9---巨乳レズビアン Busty Lesbians #41

Emma Butt & Tarra White
Emma Butt & Tarra White
Emma is matched with another popular model Tarra White and her 34DD's and they start making out on the edge of the tub with lucky. Tarra getting to savor Emma's 36G's. Meanwhile Emma cant resist flicking her pierced tongue at Tarra's pierced left nipple. The ladies enjoy their racks but Tarra is not only getting an erotic treat but exercise too--because holding up Emma's humongous hooters in her hands is probably is as good a workout for her biceps as anything shed do at the gym. Those Butt cans are fucking huge. The ladies sample their labia too before stripping off their colorful garments and climbing into the bath. Emma sits on the edge of the tub while Tarra gets down in the swirling water and reaches her mouth up to suck on the Butt bosom. Then Emma moves her snatch closer to Tarra so the redhead can lick her clitty Emma sucks on her own tits at the same time. Finally Emma slides down in the water and the girls clinch with Tarra kissing and sucking and fingering everything she can on her voluptuous partner. Emma squats on the edge of the tub again and even face-sits Tarra. Then they switch places and she sucks Tarra for awhile too. Finally they cuddle and kiss in the water with Emma practically smothering Tarra in her tatas.

Paige & Sheila Grant
Paige & Sheila Grant
Case in point Paige and Sheila Grant squeezing each others tits in the lowcut uniforms licking cleavage and sucking nips. Sheila gets to taste Paiges paps first glomming onto her nubs. Then Paige takes out Sheila's knockers and feels them up while licking Sheila's ears and neck. Sheila gets Paige to lay back on an examining table and she rubs her boobs against her friends floppers and sucks both their nipples at the same time. Then Sheila climbs onto the table and straddles Paige who reaches up to play with Sheila's 36D bells. Sheila's tits look so firm and tasty in Paige's slender well-manicured fingers that youll wish you could jump into the pix and HD video for a few sucks yourself. Sheila leans over and feeds her mams into Paiges mouth and we see Paige enjoying every inch of those swinging sacs. Then Sheila sits up and sucks on Paige from a different angle while Sheila sucks on one of her own boobs. Paige takes down Sheila's thong sniffs it then plays with Sheila's pussy while sucking on her tits more. There is so much tit-sucking in this set its unbelievable. The girls just cant stop enjoying those gazongas. Finally a flesh-colored dildo makes its appearance attached to some kind of automatic device. Ah the miracles of modern medicine and science. Needless to say orgasms are the order of the day as Paige guides that toy deeply into Sheila's slot.

Danielle Maye & Krystal Webb
Danielle Maye & Krystal Webb
Danielle Maye and Krystal Webb two chesty cuties from the United Kingdom slip out of their tank tops shorts and flip-flops to get horny with each other in an outdoor shower. These ladies bring some heavyweight boobage to their show: Danielle's 34D's and Krystal's 30DDDE's. Kissing and licking each other they get warm and worked-up before they finally get in the tub under the shower exploring each others nooks and crannies. Krystal is clearly fascinated by Danielle's knockers savoring the nipples for awhile before Danielle insists on getting a little of Krystals boobies too. They lean back in the big wooden tub and Danielle worships the Webb bells hungrily. Then Krystal sucks Danielles pussy from many different angles--underneath and leaning over. All the while we can see those Webb wonders hanging free and looking very suckable indeed in the front of her soaked tank top. Danielle licks Krystal's cunny and then the two girls get out of the tub and get completely free of the last vestiges of their clothing. Krystal can't keep her mouth off Danielle's nipples licking and kissing. Finally at the end they clinch tenderly in each others arms. French kissing and pressing their globes together as their sexy bodies squeeze close.

イギリスからの2人のボインのかわい子ちゃんが彼女らのタンクトップ・ショーツからすべり込ませるダニエル・メイとクリスタル・ウェッブと屋外のシャワーにおいて互いにエッチになるサンダル。これらの女性は彼女らのショーに若干のヘビー級へま行動を持ってきます: ダニエルは34Dのものです、そしてクリスタルは30DDDEのものです。互いにキスして舐めてお互いのあらゆる場所を調査しているシャワー中でタブを最後に入れる前に彼女らは暖かくて興奮したようになります。ダニエルがクリスタルのおっぱいの少しも得ると言ってゆずらない前に、クリスタルはしばらく乳首を味わっているダニエルのおっぱいに明らかに魅了されます。彼女らは大きい木のタブで後ろにそります、そしてダニエルは飢えてウェッブ・ベルを崇拝します。それからクリスタルはダニエルのおまんこを多くの異なるエッチ度から吸います ― 下になっていて、身を乗り出している。ずっと無料の形になっていて彼女の浸されたタンクトップの前面に本当に非常に吸い込みできるように見えているのを私たちはそれらのウェッブ驚きが見ることができます。ダニエルはクリスタルのおまんこを舐めます、そして2人の女の子はタブから出て彼女らの衣類の最後の痕跡が完全になくなります。クリスタルは舐めていてキスしているダニエルの乳首から彼女の口を防ぐことができません。最後に終わりには彼女らはお互いの武器で優しく激しく抱擁します。彼女らの色っぽい体として一緒に彼女らの球体にキスしていて押しているフランス人は終わりを圧迫します。)
Jordan Pryce & Tigerr Benson
Jordan Pryce & Tigerr Benson
Tigerr Benson and Jordan Pryce hook up in the great outdoors for some lesbian action. They start kissing and squeezing their boobs together almost immediately with Tigerr licking Jordans nipples then reclining on the couch so that Jordan can return the favor. Tigerr's dark brown nips are an exciting sight as her hand slips into her pink panties to rub her cunny while Jordan feasts on those 36D tits. Both gals lick pussy but then return to the breast loving with Tigerr squeezing Jordans 32F melons from behind and then taking down Miss Pryces panties for some face-sitting. The ladies keep licking clitties until Tigerr gets out a big purple vibrator and rubs it between Jordans cleavage before jamming it into her pussy Jordan sits over Tigerr's face while the Anglo-Asian beauty holds the dildo in her mouth so she can fuck her blonde friend. Then Jordan takes out her own red-orange toy and bangs Tigerr in the ass. Miss Benson looks really hot as she holds up her tits and climaxes on the anal penetration.

DDF BUSTY - The paradise for the BIG TITS lovers!
DDF BUSTY - The paradise for the BIG TITS lovers!
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