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レズビアン・エロチカ 'Work Your Heart Out, 'She Knows', 'Heartbeats 1'

Alyssa and Tracy
'Work Your Heart Out' Alyssa and Tracy

Almost in slow motion they tease one another, delicately brushing their fingertips over skin they send tingles through each other and make the hairs stand up on end. Tracy is the first to slip her tongue in, Alyssa is still feeling her out and is less confident but Tracy is fast becoming a woman who knows what she wants from another. She continues to gently push herself on Tracy by lifting her top and revealing her small and pert breasts which she squeezes and then licks as she slides a hand inside Alyssa's panties. Soon Tracy sets up camp down at Alyssa's bush, sucking on her labia and clitoris as she fingers her intensely to a big orgasm, leaving Alyssa in ecstasy and trembling inside.
(直訳:「貴女の心を鍛えてください」アリッサとトレイシーbr /> 彼女らがお互いに可愛がるスローモーションでほとんど、彼女らの指先を彼女らが送る皮膚に繊細に塗ることは互いを通してうずきます、そして、髪を引き続いて立ち上がらせてください。トレイシーは彼女の舌をすべり込ませる最初の人物です、アリッサはまだ彼女を外へ感じていて、より自信がありません、しかし、トレイシーは速く彼女がもう一つから何を望むかについてわかっている女性になっています。彼女は、トップを持ち上げて、しぼって、それから、手をアリッサのパンティにすべり込ませてそれをなめる小さくて生意気な胸を露わにすることによってトレイシーで穏やかに押しのけて出続けます。アリッサの茂みで下ってキャンプの上のトレイシー・セットですぐにあります、彼女の陰唇とクリトリスの上で吸います彼女が指でいじる彼女の強烈に大きいオーガズム、アリッサをエクスタシーに置いてきて、中で震えます。)
Eufrat and Eileen
'She Knows' Eufrat and Eileen

These two women need no introduction, we've shot many scenes now with Eufrat and Eileen and every time they get together the sparks fly and moments of magic or unique intimacy are inevitable. When these two come face to face you can clearly see a giggly excitement behind their eyes, Eileen grins like a cheshire cat whenever Eufrat gets lost in the moment and takes her with full-blooded passion. As soon as Eileen is stripped Eufrat spends a lot of time sucking on her heavy boobs before grinding on top of her as they kiss. Eileen loves to eat Eufrat's plump pussy but today she wants to be closer when Eufrat comes so she spoons tightly behind her and pushes her fingers deep inside. Eufrat returns the intimacy to give Eileen a big climax, after going down on her for some time she probes with her fingers, searching for the G-spot before proceeding to give her girlfriend an orgasmic finger fucking.

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Katie and Eufrat
'Heartbeats 1' Katie and Eufrat

There is nothing hotter than seeing two womanly bodies writhing around, moist and sweaty, immersed in sexual passion.
Eufrat's incredible body is loved by all, especially Katie, who can't believe her luck. She takes plenty of time in savoring every inch of a body that seems too perfect to be real. But it is most definitely real and the way in which it moves and reacts to every touch is majestic. Once Katie has had her fun it's Eufrat's turn to sample her friends delights, and they are as every bit delicious.
ユーフラットの驚くべき体はすべて(特にケイティ)によって愛されます。そして、その人は彼女の運を信じていることができません。彼女は、本当であるにはあまりに完璧なようである体の隅から隅までを味わって、たくさんの時間を理解します。しかし、それは最も確かに本当です、そして、それが動いて、あらゆるタッチに反応する方法は壮大です。ケイティには彼女の楽しみがあったら、それは彼女の友人楽しみを試してみるユーフラットの順番です、そして、彼女らはうまいあらゆるビットとしています。) LESBEA.com - Exclusive High-Quality Lesbian Erotica
"LESBEA.com" Exclusive High-Quality Lesbian Erotica - Real orgasms, Deep kissing

KISS ME GIRL - Girs Kissing Girls
KISS ME GIRL - Girs Kissing Girls

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