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「愛が大好きな人:パート2」「娘戦争:パート1」by Girls Way

A Fool for Love: Part Two
'A Fool for Love: Part Two'
Sara Luvv and Rebel Lynn
Previously on Webyoung, Rebel Lynn couldn't help but conjure up a phenomenal fantasy of her and Sara Luvv making passionate love outside by the pool. Sara wakes Rebel up from her surreal state, asking her if she wanted to go inside and study. Rebel shakes it off, ready to do anything Sara wanted. Sitting Sara's bed, Rebel apologizes to her about being an all around spaz and gawky. Sara pays no mind, ignorant towards Rebel's behavior; until Rebel let it all out. She confessed her true emotions , saying how all of these little graceless actions were attributed to her lust for Sara. Sara was at a loss for words, feeling bashful but complimented that this sweet innocent girl could be so head over heels for her. Sara reaches in to kiss Rebel, declaring she was wondering what it would be like to caress another girl's body. Sara slips her fingers through Rebel's bikini top, touching her firm, hard nipples. Sara unmasks her breasts to Rebel, and for the first time, Rebel wasn't dreaming of what they looked like, she was indeed touching them. Sara asks Rebel to sit on the edge of her windowsill, spreading her legs for Sara's mouth. Licking her pussy lips and clit resulted in Rebel moaning with elation. It was Rebel's turn to show Sara all that she dreamt of doing to her. Slowly caressing her lovers body, she eases her way towards her inner thighs, touching her soft lips with her hand and tongue, opening her wide big enough, engulfing Sara's pussy lips. Watch today to experience Rebel's ultimate dreams come true right in front of your eyes!
以前「ウェブ・ヤング」で、レベル・リンは、彼女の著しいファンタジーとプールのそばで外の熱烈な愛を作っているサラ・ラブを出さざるを得なかったです。サラは彼女のシュールな州からレベルを目覚めさせます。そして、彼女が中に行って、勉強したかったかどうか、彼女に尋ねます。サラが望んだ何でもする準備ができていて、レベルはそれを振り落します。座ったサラのベッド、レベルは、おっちょこちょいな人のあたりのすべてで、不器用であることについて、彼女に謝罪します。サラは心を払いません。そして、レベルのふるまいの方へ無知です;レベルまで、それのすべてを出してください。彼女は真実の感情を認めました。そして、これらの小さい見苦しい行動の全てがどのようにサラに対する彼女の欲望に起因していたかについて言いました。サラは言葉に窮しました。そして、内気であるが、誉められたとてもこんなに甘い罪のない女の子が彼女のためにとてもはまりこんでいることがありえたのを感じました。サラはレベルにキスするために中で手を伸ばします。そして、彼女がそれがもう一人の女の子の体を愛撫するために何のようかについて疑問に思っていたと断言します。サラはレベルのビキニ・トップで彼女の指をすべり込ませます。そして、彼女のしまった、堅い乳首に触れます。サラはレベルに、そして、初めて彼女のおっぱいを暴露します ―レベルが彼女らが見えたものの夢を見ていなかった― 彼女はそれらに本当にさわっていました。サラはレベルに彼女の窓の下枠の端に座るよう頼みます。そして、サラの口のために彼女の足を広げます。彼女のビラマンとクリちゃんをなめることは、意気揚々でうなっているレベルに終わりました。それは、サラに彼女が彼女にすることを夢見たというすべてを示すレベルの順番でした。ゆっくり彼女の恋人たちの体を愛撫して、彼女は内股の方へ慎重に動きます。そして、彼女の手と舌で彼女の柔らかい唇に触れます。そして、十分な彼女の広い大物を開けます。そして、サラのビラマンをのみ込みます。経験レベルの最終的な夢への今日があなたの目の前で実現するのを見てください!)
The Daughter Wars: Part One
'The Daughter Wars: Part One'
Mercedes Carrera and Jenna Sativa
Sara Luvv is fucking fed up with her suck-up step-sister Jenna Sativa. Jenna's always trying to look good for their dad's wives and it drives Sara nuts, especially since Jenna acts like such a prissy bitch saying everyone loves her more. Well not this time. This time Sara's gonna be the favorite and upstage her spoiled sister. When her dad's new wife Mercedes Carrera arrives at the house, it's like she's walking into a war zone, with Jenna and Sara already fighting over her the second she steps through the door. Mercedes takes a second to breathe and can't help but worry about what she's gotten herself into. But after hearing from her gal pal Kendra about some pretty wild stuff she did with her step-daughter, Mercedes wonders if she can play things to her advantage and turn these bickering siblings into her personal playthings.She doesn't have long to wait, as Sara comes in wearing only a towel and tells mommy Mercedes that she has some very important private family business to discuss with her. Sara pretends she's doing Mercedes a favor by spilling the beans about her sister's indiscretions with their previous step-moms, but she's actually just setting the next stage of her plan. As Mercedes uses this information to flirt with Jenna who's stretching in the other room, Sara grabs a camera and plans to get the whole thing on film and get her revenge on Jenna once and for all. It's almost too easy. Mercedes bonds with her new daughter, and bonding quickly leads to flirting, then kissing, and soon the tops come off and Jenna is sucking on her mommy's titty like a good mommy's girl. Then Mercedes puts her mouth on Jenna's lovely natural breasts and gives them a loving suckle. Jenna goes from being a good girl to a bad girl in a flash, as she bends over and gets a spanking from Mercedes for having dirty thoughts about her mommy. Then Mercedes flips Jenna over and pleasures her hairy pussy to a squealing orgasm. Next Jenna returns the favor, peeling off Mercedes' panties and giving her a hard tonguing all over. Finally, both ladies ride each other to a second climax, unbeknownst to the fact that the entire thing is being filmed by Sara in the background. Now that Sara's trap has been sprung, what devious deed does she have in mind next?

Girls Way - Every woman is a lesbian at heart.
Girls Way - Every woman is a lesbian at heart.

KISS ME GIRL - Girs Kissing Girls
KISS ME GIRL - Girs Kissing Girls

Joymii - Porn can be artful, erotic, and pure
Joymii - Porn can be artful, erotic, and pure

オリジナル動画の無修正レズ専門サイト Ura Lesbian
オリジナル動画の無修正レズ専門サイト Ura Lesbian



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