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「貴女のいやらしい娘:パート1」「悪い女生徒たち:パート1」by Girls Way

Your Dirty Daughter: Part One
'Your Dirty Daughter: Part One'
Nina Elle and Jelena Jensen
House wife Nina Elle arrives home from shopping, and calls out for her husband. She walks into the living room and to her surprise, notices on the coffee table, a bundle of lesbian porno films. Embarrassed at her husbands immoral self indulgence, she denies the fact that their perfect marriage is now tainted by the lesbian porn. Nina's depravity increases when she notices her neighbor Jelena Jensen's step daughter involved in the heresy. Nina calls Jelena and urges her to come over right away! Nina waits for Jelena anxiously, and when she arrives, Nina doesn't have the words to explain to her what she saw, she has to show her to get the point across. Nina brings Jelena her into the living room, where Jelena's eyes wide open in awe, realizing that her daughter is half naked, with her pussy eaten on screen. Jelena thinks about it and admits that she isn't that upset with April's decisions, in fact, Jelena was a naughty girl herself and turned out just fine. Nina, cannot understand how Jelena can be so nonchalant with the whole situation, considering these movies are a grave sin. Jelena knows that Nina has had thoughts about women before and persuades her to loosen up, admitting that lesbian sexuality turns her on...just a little... Jelena leans in for a sensual kiss, arousing Nina's inner lesbian self, and as Nina removes Jelena's bra suckling on her plump boobs. Nina admits its been too long that she's waited to taste another woman's pussy lips and boobs, and that watching her neighbor's stepdaughter being fucked on TV whets her lesbian appetite. Jelena teases Nina's pussy lips through her thong, stimulating her clitoris for the first of many exhilarating orgasms! To be continued...
主婦ニーナ・エルは買い物から家に到着して、彼女の夫を大声で呼びます。彼女は、コーヒーテーブル(たくさんのレズビアンのポルノ動画)の上に、リビングルームと、驚いたことに、通知の中に入ります。彼女の夫の不道徳な自身甘さにまごついて、彼女は、彼女らの完全な結婚が現在レズビアンのポルノによって損なわれるという事実を否定します。彼女が異教に関係する彼女の隣りのジェレナ・ジェンセンの義理の娘に気がつくとき、ニーナの堕落は増加します。ニーナはジェレナに電話をして、彼女にすぐにやって来るよう訴えます!ニーナは心配してジェレナを待ちます、そして、彼女が到着するとき、ニーナは彼女に彼女が何を見たかについて説明するために言葉をしないと、彼女は点をわからせるために彼女に明らかにしなければなりません。スクリーンで彼女のおマンコを食べて、ニーナは、彼女の娘が半分裸であると理解して、リビングルーム(ジェレナの目は畏敬をもって広く開きます)に、ジェレナに彼女を連れてきます。ジェレナはそれについて思います、そして、彼女がエイプリルの決定によるその動揺でないと認めます、実際、ジェレナは自分自身いやらしい女の子で、ちょうど元気になりました。ニーナは、これらの動画が重大な罪であるのだから、ジェレナがどのように全部の状況でそれほど無関心でありえるかについて理解することができません。ニーナには女性に関する考えがあって、ゆるめるよう彼女を説得するジェレナは知っています。そして、レズビアンの性的関心が彼女を興奮させると認めます…。ほんの少し…。ジェレナは、ニーナの内部のレズビアンの自身を起こして、官能的なキスのために中で乗り出して、ニーナとして彼女のふくよかなおっぱいの上で乳を飲んでいるジェレナのブラを脱ぎます。ニーナは認めますそのあまりに長いです彼女が、もう一人の女性のビラマンとおっぱいを味見するために待った、そして、彼女の隣人の義理の娘がテレビでセックスされているのを見ることが、彼女のレズビアンの食欲を刺激する。ジェレナは彼女のひもによってニーナのビラマンをからかいます。そして、多くの興奮させるオーガズムで最初のもののために彼女のクリトリスを刺激します! 続く…。)
Bad School Girls: Part One
'Bad School Girls: Part One'
Blake Eden and Shauna Skye
Naughty school skippers Blake Eden and Shauna Skye sneak into Shauna's home but she's reluctant, knowing that her mother could walk in at any moment and catch them. Blake likes breaking the rules which means having fun in every aspect. Shauna doesn't think any of Blake's ideas are any good, which results in them always getting caught and Shauna being severely disciplined. Blake proceeds to lure Shauna into having some fun by getting closer to her and slowly unbuttoning her shirt. Shauna is nervous with Blake's flirtation as she continues to remove her shirt and begins to caress her supple teen boobs. Blake shushes her, convincing her that they have ample time for a little one on one lesbian intimacy! Blake convinces Shauna to try new things as she pinches and sucks her perky nipples making them hard and erect. She asks Shauna to spread her legs and goes on her knees, introducing Shauna to a whole new world of lesbian pleasures. Shauna moans with excitement as Blake continues to lick and suck on her pussy juices until she orgasms for the first time ever with another girl. Blake teaches Shauna the ways of pleasing a pussy by instructing her to go on her knees and swirl her tongue all over her shaved lesbian pussy lips. Blake gasps in ecstasy as the lesbian virgin surpasses all of her lesbian expectations! To be continued...

Girls Way - Every woman is a lesbian at heart.
Girls Way - Every woman is a lesbian at heart.

KISS ME GIRL - Girs Kissing Girls
KISS ME GIRL - Girs Kissing Girls

Joymii - Porn can be artful, erotic, and pure
Joymii - Porn can be artful, erotic, and pure

オリジナル動画の無修正レズ専門サイト Ura Lesbian
オリジナル動画の無修正レズ専門サイト Ura Lesbian



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