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「予想外のプロム・デート」「ママの話」by Girls Way

Unexpected Prom Date
'Unexpected Prom Date'
Kenna James and Tara Morgan
Tonight is prom night and Kenna James is so ecstatic to go with her little baby step sister, Tara Morgan. Both girls are screaming with excitement jumping on the bed so happy this day has finally arrived! Tara is so grateful that her big sister, well step sister, has invited her to share this one time experience. They help each other get ready complimenting one another on how cute they look. Finally ready, they call their boyfriends but neither one is picking up their phone. They were stood up! Tara is so frustrated and sad that these losers ditched them but Kenna comforts her, saying they don't need boys to have a good time at the prom.Kenna and Tara share thoughts on what type of fun they could have once the prom is over now knowing that their boyfriends are no longer in the picture, meaning, they both wanted to get laid. Kenna replies that they can have their own fun. Tara is lost for words, I mean, they may be step sisters but she considers her like a real sister. Kenna thinks that nothing can be hotter than sleeping with her sister especially that Tara is a virgin. Tara never being with anyone sexually doesn't know how to pleasure another person but luckily, her big sister is there to help her all the way. Kenna guides Tara into their first gentle kiss, making out passionately on the bed. Kenna removes her dress slowly making sure that Tara doesn't take her eyes off of her naked chest. Tara feeling relaxed with her sister's touch, she removes the top part of her dress allowing her sister to kiss her nipples. Kenna slowly eases her way down her sisters' body but regardless of how good this feels Tara stops her from going forward. Felling the taboo, Kenna reassures her and to trust her big sister. Kenna gently spreads open Tara's legs, licking her shaved pussy. Tara pants with excitement, begging her sister not to stop until she finally experiences her first lesbian orgasm. Tara places herself under her sister's pussy, licking and sucking her labia and clit making her sister cum in her mouth. Teaching Tara a new trick, she removes Tara's dress and places her on all fours, spreading her ass cheeks and inserting her tongue into Tara's ass. Rubbing with intensity, Tara moans thanking her sister for such pleasure. Tara is thrilled to know she made her big sister proud.
今夜はプロム・ナイトです、そして、ケンナ・ジェームズは彼女の小さいかわい子ちゃん義理姉妹(タラ・モーガン)と一緒に行くためにとても有頂天です。両方の女の子たちは、興奮がこの日が最後に来たのは大変うれしいベッドに飛び乗って叫んでいます!タラは、彼女の姉さん(健康な義理姉妹)がこの1回経験を分けようと彼女を誘ったほど感謝します。それらは、互いがどれくらいかわいく見えるかについて、お互いに敬意を表して準備するのを助けます。最後にあらかじめ、彼女らはボーイフレンドに電話をします、しかし、どちらの人も彼女らの電話を取っていません。彼女らはすっぽかされました!タラはこれらの敗者が彼女らを見捨てたほど欲求不満で悲しいです、しかし、ケンナは彼女を慰めます。そして、彼女らがプロムで楽しい一時を過ごすために男の子を必要としないと言います。ケンナとタラは、彼女ら両方がプロムが彼女らのボーイフレンドが絵(意味)の中にもはやいないということを現在もう一度知っていたら、彼女らにはあることができたどんなタイプの楽しみが静められることを望んだかという考えについて話します。ケンナは、彼女らには彼女ら自身の楽しみがあることができると答えます。タラは言葉のために失われます ― 私が言っている ― 彼女らは義理姉妹である場合があります、しかし、彼女は彼女を本当の姉妹のようであると思います。ケンナは、彼女の姉妹と特にそのタラに眠ることが処女であるより、何も熱くありえないと思います。性的に誰とも決していないタラはどのようにもう一人の人を満足させるべきかについて、わかりません、しかし、幸運にも、彼女の姉さんはずっと彼女を助けるためにそこにいます。ケンナは彼女らの最初の穏やかなキスにタラを案内します。そして、ベッドで情熱的にうまくやります。ケンナは、タラが彼女の裸のおっぱいの彼女の目をとらないことをゆっくり確認している彼女のドレスを脱ぎます。タラが彼女の姉妹のタッチでくつろぐと感じて、彼女は、姉妹が彼女の乳首にキスするのを許しているドレスの最上部を取り出します。ケンナは彼女の姉妹の体の下にゆっくり慎重に動きます、しかし、これがどれくらい気分がよいかに関係なく、タラは彼女が進むのを止めます。タブーを倒して、ケンナは彼女を安心させて、彼女の姉さんを信用します。ケンナは開いたタラの足を穏やかに広げます。そして、彼女のパイパンマンコをなめます。タラは興奮であえぎます。そして、彼女が最初のレズビアンのオーガズムを最後に経験するまで、彼女の姉妹に止まらないように頼みます。タラは彼女の姉妹のおマンコの下に自分自身を置きます。そして、彼女の口で彼女の姉妹絶頂を作っている彼女のビラマンとクリちゃんをなめて、吸います。タラに新しいトリックを教えて、彼女はタラのドレスを脱いで、四つんばいになって彼女を置きます。そして、彼女の尻っぺたを広げて、彼女の舌をタラのお尻に挿入します。強さでこすって、タラは彼女の姉妹にそのような喜びに対して感謝してうなります。タラは、彼女が姉さんを誇り高くしたということを知っているためにぞくぞくします。)
Mommy Talk
'Mommy Talk'
Karla Kush and Nina Elle
Arriving home from school exhausted, Karla Kush spots a note on the fridge door from her step mom, Nina Elle asking her to not forget to clean up the house. Karla takes the note in frustration crumples the note and starts doing what she was asked. Fed up with it all, Karla throws the garbage outside and decides she was done. Nina arrives home looking at the half ass job her daughter did around the house. Disappointed in Karla she walks into her room unhappy with her laziness and needed to have a serious talk. Nina thinks there is something going on with Karla because she hasn't been herself lately. Karla tells Nina that her boyfriend broke up with her over some text messages he saw between Karla and an old friend from school. Karla wasn't sure if she wanted to be more than just friends with this girl and wasn't sure if she was a lesbian. Nina reassures her that playing with girls normal and to not feel guilty in any way. Karla wanted to test the waters since she's never been with another girl before. Nina was more than happy to help her daughter with her first lesbian experience. Gently caressing, Nina educates Karla on how to rub her mother's breasts, pinching her nipples lightly. Nina removes her daughters top exposing Karla's firm nipples, gently squeezing them together. Showing Karla how to motorboat her gigantic tits, Nina moans with pleasure and excitement craving to touch her daughters naked, youthful body. Karla lays her body back against her mother, ready to indulge in her first lesbian orgasm. Nina teaches Karla the joys of tribbing, producing multiple orgasms between both girls. Karla is so grateful to have a mother there to make her feel better about herself and her sexuality.

Girls Way - Every woman is a lesbian at heart.
Girls Way - Every woman is a lesbian at heart.

KISS ME GIRL - Girs Kissing Girls
KISS ME GIRL - Girs Kissing Girls

Joymii - Porn can be artful, erotic, and pure
Joymii - Porn can be artful, erotic, and pure

オリジナル動画の無修正レズ専門サイト Ura Lesbian
オリジナル動画の無修正レズ専門サイト Ura Lesbian



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